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We are located in Marseilles and we will be glad to accompany you not only in Marseilles and the region of Provence but also in the south of France as well as in all France. 

The name of our company reminds people about the exceptional history of this city that started around 2600 years ago as well as about the name of the founder of Marseilles - the Greek called Protis.

Have you heard about this story? No? Then here it is:

Once upon the time Greek ships entered the bay of the future city of Marseilles that looked much different from what we know it today. Protis, the captain of the Greeks, put on his best clothes and went to the shore to give respect to the king of local people. That day the king was to have a feast during which Giptis, the king's daughter, was to choose her future husband giving him a cup with water. The Greeks were also invited to this feast. 

When everybody gathered and the feast started, Giptis coming to the centre suddenly approached Protis giving him the cup. It was the love at the first sight. And the young couple founded at the bay the city of Marseilles. It was 2600 years ago. 

Naming our company Protis we decided to associate ourselves with the legendary Greek Protis. That is how the company was born - the agency of accompanying and voyage, our family business, our favourite child. 


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